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AIB Raheny Diversifies with Al Fresco Banking

Since the closure of AIB Sutton Cross, when the reduction in footfall was presented as one of the key factors in its decisions, branch queues outside the Raheny branch have been growing. Covid measures aside, the Raheny branch has been swamped with both its existing customers as well as the addition of new customers from the Sutton branch that had their accounts transferred.

Whatever about the limitations of the branch itself, the prospect for Sutton Cross customers is long queues and a beleaguered staff, who are trying to fast track customer queries outside the branch. And while this may seem relatively pain free in dry conditions, “rainy day banking” could have a more literal meaning in inclement conditions.

The decision to pull out of Sutton seems a hasty one, and one that may have been predicated more on AIB’s business requirements than the needs of its Sutton customers.

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