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Bayside Shopping Centre, Bayside Square, Sutton, D. 13

Proposal Description: Retention permission is sought by Bayside Centre Management Ltd. & Urban Pulse (Bayside Shopping Centre, Bayside Square Sutton, Dublin 13 which is now under construction (previously permitted under Reg. Ref. F15A/0436; F16A/0433; F16A/0565; F18A/0425; F19A/0255; F19A/0628; F20A/0116; F20A/0244). Retention permission is sought for external elevational changes to the previously permitted elevations (under Reg. Ref. F15A/0436 pertaining to the original residental units and retail units within the centre, with retention permission also sought for retaining the existing original elevations of residential unit 6 and retail unit 6 (i.e. elevations which were intended for upgrade works under Reg. Ref. F15A/0436).

Applicant: Bayside Centre Management Ltd. & Urban Pulse (Bayside) Ltd

Reference: F20A/0662

Registration Date: 26 July 2021

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