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Bayside Shopping Centre, Bayside Square, Sutton, Dublin 13

Proposal Description: Retention Permission and Planning Permission at Bayside Shopping Centre, which is under construction/nearing completion (previously permitted under Reg. Ref. F15A/0436; F16A/0433; F16A/0565; F18A/0425; F19A/0255; F19A/0628; F20A/0116; F20A/0244; F20A/0542; F20A/0662/ABP-311393-21; F22A/0214; F22A/0303). The development will consist of the proposed change of use of first floor units 15 & 16 from previously permitted restaurant use and office use to use as medical consulting rooms and offices, and the proposed amalgamation of these two units (units 15 & 16) by providing door openings to facilitate the proposed change of use, and all associated site works necessary to facilitate the development.

Applicant Name: Bayside Centre Management Ltd & Urban Pulse (Bayside) Ltd.

Planning Reference: F22A/0600

Registration Date: 27 October 2022

Application Date: 27 October 2022

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