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Big Plans For Your Local Lidl

Having first arrived in Ireland in 2000, today Lidl has 160 stores nationwide and almost 8% of the country’s retail grocery market. The success of the Lidl no-frills offering has been at the heart Baldoyle store and its increasing footfall has seen it become a top performer within the group.

Indeed, the store may well have been a victim of its own success and the German operator has been slow to give it a much needed upgrade, which finally is now in progress.

After months of consultation, the grocer finally decided to extend the store via the rear of the building and while shopper may experience a shifting landscape within the store, it is all due to the work in progress which is taking place.

With minimum disruption to the store operations, the retailer expects to cut the ribbon on the “new Lidl” later in the year and if it follows the same formula as its other upgraded stores, it will mean more space, convenience and choice for local shoppers. We’ll keep you posted.

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