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Carrickbrack Road, Sutton South, and, Ceanchor Road, Censure, Howth, Dublin

Proposal Description: 

The development will consist of the construction of 2 no. pumping stations (PSO1 and PS02) and associated infrastructure. Pumping station (PS01) is proposed at the turning circle on @Ceanchor Road and lands at the entrance driveway of the residential property known as Baron’s Brae. PS01 includes: an underground wet well, underground flowmeter and valve chambers, an underground inlet/overflow chamber with a mechanical screen, a control panel kiosk (2.3mH) and wet kiosk (1.2mH), undergrounding of the existing ESB overhead line and associated connection works to the control kiosk, upgrade of existing entrance, including realignment of existing walls and gate and removal of trees to facilitate parking for maintenance and emergency works and, a stand-by roadside power generator (1.85mH) adjacent to Ceanchor Road c. 240m to the west of PS01 and associated works. Pumping station (PS02) is proposed adjacent to the south edge of Carrickbrack Road (R105). PS02 includes: an underground wet well, an underground emergency storage tank (80m3), an underground valve chamber and flowmeter chamber, an underground inlet/overflow chamber, an ancillary single storey building (4mH) including toilet, control room and storage room, c. 16sqm, an actuator valve kiosk (1.1mH) and wet kiosk (1.2mH), an ESB Substation (2.6mH), c. 9sqm and, 3 no. car parking spaces and, other associated site development works including site clearance, site entrance works, hardstanding, access, new boundary walls/fencing up to 2.4m in height, retaining wall, ground level alterations, landscaping and site drainage. The proposed development includes all necessary ancillary pipework and manholes, diversion of existing utilities, new power supply and water connection for the pump stations, ducting, mechanical and electrical services, instrumentation, automation, controls and equipment.

Applicant Name: Irish Water

Planning Reference: F22A/0659

Registration Date: 25 November 2022

Application Date: 25 November 2022

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