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Church of the Assumption, Main St, Howth, Co Dublin, D13 V6R9

Proposal Description: Construction of a single storey Parish Pastoral Centre of 265 sqm which includes a multipurpose, general concourse, parish office, kitchenette, storage and toilet facilities. The development also includes a free standing entrance canopy between a new entrance to the existing sacristy and new pastoral centre. There will be entrance doors to the front and rear of the new facility.
The site for the proposed development is within an existing disused mound of earth to the rear of the church lands at the junction of Thormanby Rd and St Mary’s Rd. The development will have an intensive green (grass) roof to visually knit into the existing mound. A conical glazed roof light on the roof provides day light to the multipurpose room below. The development will entail works to the church consisting of a new door to the rear of the exiting sacristy (at the east facing return wall of the sacristy). The glazed roof of the new building will abut church at the apse. The development will entail works to the existing site perimeter wall consisting of a new entrance gate allowing universal access from main street.

Applicant Name: Parish of The Assumption, Howth

Planning Reference: F23A/0004

Registration Date: 5 January 2023

Application Date: 5 January 2023

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