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Cryosculpt: The Next Generation of Weight Loss

conor mullen

It was while preparing for a TV role in HBO’s Warrior, shooting in Capetown, local actor Conor Mullen came face to face with the limitations of middle age. “I thought it would be an idea to lose a little weight for the part and did what I had always done – cut down on booze and carbs, hit the gym and let nature take it’s course. But this time it was different, I found it much more difficult to cut down and no matter how much training I did, I couldn’t shift the gut”. 

With the clock ticking on a long trip and a first days’ shoot, the 58 year old actor did some of his own research to more telling effect. “I was literally googling in my own kitchen when I came across the practice of cryolipolysis, or fat freezing. It involves freezing fat cells to temperatures where they crystalise and die. The body then disposes of them naturally, through the lymphatic system. It takes 4 -12 weeks to see results, so it wasn’t really an option for me at the time.”

Having just come out of a disastrous experience with an online startup, Mullen was on the lookout for a new business venture to get involved in. “The prices charged in Dublin for the service seemed to be prohibitive, so after doing some research, I felt it was possible to offer the same service, with the same level of skill and professionalism, but with a lower price tag by adopting a lean (excuse the pun) approach to the business.”

Coming back to Ireland, the Howth native set about organising equipment, a premises, a team of highly trained personnel and a new business was born – Cryosculpt. “Well it was a bit of a false dawn because we opened the doors just prior to COVID, so the timing wasn’t great” says Conor, ”but since then, we’ve moved to our new clinic on Pembroke St. Lr and demand for our therapies has gone from strength to strength. In some ways I think COVID has forced a rethink around health and at the end of the day, this isn’t just about fat loss, it’s about making little changes that over time will yield results ”.

Now with a new range of therapies including Radio Frequency and Micro-needling, a chorus of happy clients has seen Cryosculpt therapies become mainstream, meaning less pounding pavements and less pounds to show for it.  

Cryosculpt.ie – Where Beauty meets Science

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