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Drumleck House (a Protected Structure), Ceanchor Road, Baily, Howth, Co Dublin, D13 TK76

Proposal Description:

The development will consist of 1) the demolition of the existing 1- storey conservatory to the side (west) and the demolition of two
external stairs to the side/corner (north-east) ; 2) the construction of a 1-storey extension to the side (west) of the dwelling with a
flat roof and two glazed rooflights; 3) the construction of a 2-storey extension to the rear (north) inside the existing external courtyard with a double pitched roof; 4) the excavation for and construction of an external staircase to the side (east) for access to the existing
basement plant room; 5) the excavation for and construction of retaining walls to the side/corner (north-east) and one new external stairs to the upper ground level; 6) a lowered window sill and an enlarged window on the east elevation; 7) a new door opening on the west elevation; 8) all associated internal alterations; 9) all associated drainage & site Works.

AI received – 31/01/2022

Applicant Names: Rachael & Fergal Naughton

Planning Reference: F21A/0602

Registration Date: 31 January 2022

Application Date: 31 January 2022

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