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Dublin Array Adds Extra Date For Consultation Process

The sponsors of the Dublin Array wind generation project has added another date to their consultation calendar and accordingly will set up shop in the Marine Hotel from 2pm – 9pm on next Wednesday, March 29th.

Owned by Germany’s RWE, one of Europe’s largest power generation companies, the project’s ambition is to generate 7,000 MW that will potentially power up to 800,000 homes in the Dublin area.  However, this part of the process seems set to just provide general information and to get a view from locals on their prospective plans.

In brief, it would appear that the current plan is to install between 39 and 50 wind turbines, from Kish to Bray and these will be placed up to 10kms from shore. No doubt the plans of the Dublin Array team is evolving and one hopes that their interactions and consultations will inform their plans and what they eventually present to An Bord Pleanala. As of yet, Dublin Array is in “the-getting-to-know- you” phase of the process and as their plans harden, so too will resistance from concerned locals.

And while we all know the era for Nimbyism is long over,  one wonders if the current plans that are based on turbines at 320m in height is too tall an order for the Dublin Bay skyline and locals to bear.

Dublin Array Meeting: Marine Hotel, 2pm – 9pm, March 29th 

For those who can’t make the Marine Hotel – further information can be found @:


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