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Enough Is Enough Minister! Call For Locals To Help Provide Proper DART Access For Baldoyle

As the climate change challenge and the call for Active Travel and public transport use become increasingly loud, closer to home the residents of Baldoyle have an even greater challenge to pursue their climate change endeavours.
As chronicled by JustLocal in an article dated June 6, 2023 (People Power Press For Proper Access To Public Transport NOW!) entry to the DART station and proper public transport has been jeopardized by the perilous state of the “temporary” stairwell and a lift that in short, is not fit for purpose. This has created an unsafe environment where the use of the DART service is not an option for many, while for others, it is a case of running the gauntlet and taking your chances!
Having exhausted a process of continuous contact with Fingal CoCo, Irish Rail and the owner of the property, Richmond Homes, Myrtle The Coast Residents Association is now looking to locals to help raise the stakes and bring this matter to the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan T.D.
The petition is a simple appeal that calls in the first instance for immediate action to facilitate the safe and accessible use of public transport for all and to ensure that proper access is provided, via a stairwell that is safe and a lift that works and is hygienic; while ensuring the ultimate goal of having the ‘temporary’ structure removed and replaced with permanent, universal access, prioritised and completed within a reasonable timeframe. 
Samantha O’Flanagan from Myrtle The Coast Residents Association says, “People in Baldoyle have been waiting over 13 years for permanent access to our local dart station. The push on tackling climate change is huge but yet the DART is regularly inaccessible for many in our community. The ‘temporary’ stairwell is a disgrace. The lift is often broken meaning there’s no access for people with a disability or poor mobility, or those with young children and pushchairs. When the lift does work, it’s in such disgusting condition with regards to cleanliness and hygiene that people don’t feel comfortable or safe using it. The structure itself is also a beacon for antisocial behaviour, meaning many people are fearful to go through in the evenings or dark, winter months.  Enough is enough. It’s been over 13 years and we deserve better. We deserve safe, universal access to our trains and bus services”.
Readers are asked to have your say, to sign and share the petition and help Coast residents reinstate proper secure access to the DART service.
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