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Fingal County Council Releases Footfall Stats Report on Howth Summit

The recently released Fingal Footfall report is an interesting set of numbers. Updated monthly the report is a guesstimate of the number of pedestrians that have taken to Howth Summit in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. However it would appear that numbers are monitored by an electronic device(s) and in typical statistician lingo, the preface to the report states: “Please Note that figures are estimates of total ‘trips’ rather than individual visitors. The accuracy of the recorded counts can be affected by a number of factors including distance of pedestrians from counter beam, overgrowth of vegetation or occasional malfunctions such as accidental damage or vandalism. The battery power and telecommunications signal strength is also continuously monitored but can vary depending on location.’’

In summary, the report is a good illustration of life under lockdown with total trips reaching 220,000 in 2019, dropping to 95,000 in 2020 and dropping further again in 2021, to just over 78,000.

We’re not sure whether this level of detail tells us any more than what we currently know, other than the fact that next time you’re walking the Summit, the counter beam may have you in its sights!

Further information can be found on here

Pedestrian Foot Fall – Howth Summit 2019 to date FCC | Pedestrian Foot Fall – Howth Summit 2019 to date FCC | Fingal Open Data

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