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Heavenly Inspiration Sees Tetrarch Plot New Course For Deer Park

Tetrarch, our new neighbour and owner of Deer Park demesne is set to lodge plans in the coming days for a large-scale cemetery on the lands previously owned by Gaisford St. Laurence.

Against the background of a growing shortage of burial plots in the capital, Tetrarch subsidiary WSHI Unlimited Co has given notice that it is to lodge plans with Fingal Co. Council for a cemetery that would have 5,806 traditional burial plots.

If Tetrarch’s plans go ahead it can expect prices of up to €2,280 per plot, as proposed by Fingal County Council for its own graveyards and Tetrarch would stand to generate €13.23m from the sale of the 5,806 traditional burial plots over the lifetime of the cemetery.

The proposed cemetery is to be developed on a 8.8-hectare site and the published planning notice also provides for 617 ash interment plots; biodegradable garden plots; 110 memorial plaques and 223 granite marker posts.

This is a new departure for Tetrarch and comes on foot of numerous proposals that have yet to come to pass, in this life – And so accommodating people for the after-life may prove that little bit easier!

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