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Howth Middle Pier Set For Christmas Completion

The continuing construction on the Howth Middle is going to plan according to the contractor John Sisk & Sons. What started in September 2020 is drawing towards a close and it is hoped that December will see the ribbon cut on a 134 metre middle pier in the centre of the harbour.

Unlike the west pier and the east pier, which have become leisure facilities for local and overseas visitors, the middle pier has been designed as a working area for the fleet and a significant land reclamation exercise has given space for additional berthing space on both sides of its structure. It is also expected that the middle pier will not be open to the public and so allow the fleet to dock, service and maintain their vessels on a 24/7 basis.

The new development coincides with Howth’s new status as a designated port and it is already receiving a steady stream of new traffic both from the North of Ireland, as well as trawlers from the continent, all of whom have had to change tack and chart a different course post Brexit.

This development is the culmination of painstaking work by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Marine and Howth Harbour stakeholders and comes as a timely boost given the expressed concerns of the fishing community over Brexit. We look forward to the launch and will keep you posted.

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