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Howth Yacht Club Takes “Sailing Club of the Year” Award

Howth Yacht Club was recently confirmed MG Motor “Sailing Club of the Year 2023” and in time-honoured tradition the ship’s wheel trophy – which dates back to 1979 – now resides within the halls of HYC.

This unique and informal competition was inaugurated in 1979, with Mitsubishi Motors becoming main sponsors in 1986, and MG Motor taking over in 2022 The purpose of the award is to highlight and honour the voluntary effort that goes into creating and maintaining the unrivalled success of Ireland’s yacht and sailing clubs.

In making their assessment, the adjudicators take many factors into consideration. In addition to the obvious one of sailing success at local, national and international level, considerable attention is also paid to the satisfaction which members feel with the way their club is run, and how effectively it meets their specific needs, while also encouraging sailing development and training.

This is a great vote of confidence for HYC and is a ringing endorsement for how the club is run and for the support and interaction it has with the local community. Well done to all concerned.

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