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“I wish this seafood bar was my local. I’d be a regular here” Irish Times

No doubt the King Sitric and East can take a bow with a rave review in Friday’s Irish Times and no one doubts the fact that the quality of the cuisine has passed from one generation to the next. East has become the next generation and Mark 2 version of the original King Sitric. And you know the story, even better, improved, all the usual features and with extras on top – as standard!

That said, I certainly hope the cuisine in East is more natural and less forced than the quality of the prose in this Irish Times article (link: Restaurant review: I wish this seafood bar was my local. I’d be a regular here – The Irish Times ) which sits behind a paywall for only the subscribers to access.

In essence, the piece seems little other than a fairly nauseating advertisement, more fawning than factual and with less bite than an article of any real substance. 

That said, we agree that East is a fine eatery. Its casual nature is a fresh departure from its forerunner and the coverage of Howth as a seafood location as opposed to a “seagull capital” is one for all to applaud!

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