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Lands at Baldoyle ( Formerly known as the Coast), Dublin 13

Planning Proposal Description: The area subject of this planning application is located at the existing foul pumping/ lifting station (which was constructed under(FO2A/0921 & PL06F.201400) and the permitted Haggard Park (as permitted under F16A/0412, ABP Re. Ref.: PL06F.2485970 as amended under F20A/0258, F21A/0046 and F22A/0017). The proposed development includes for: Construction of a new, upgraded wastewater pumping station (WWPS) to include extension of the existing access road, coordinated with landscaping design, to allow set down area; an underground wastewater pumping station, with a wet well arrangement; an underground emergency storage tank, with approx. capacity 790m3; extension of the existing gravity networks to new WWPS; vent stack of c. 6m in height and hand operated penstock; valve and flowmeter chambers; a new rising main (to be confirmed based on condition survey); standoff manhole and control and washdown kiosks. The proposed development works also includes all the necessary diversion of the existing utilities, power supply and water connection for the new WWPS. Decommissioning of the existing pump station to include demolition and removal of the existing wastewater pumping station buildings, removal of all associated pump equipment and infrastructure, and removal of associated hard works e.g., footpath, access yard, walls and fences. Temporary works and all associated above and below ground site works including underground ducting, landscaping, lighting, site development works and boundary treatments. A Natura Impact Statement has been prepared in respect of the proposed development.

Applicant Name: The Shoreline Partnership

Planning Reference: F23A/0611

Registration Date: 10 October 2023

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