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Lands to rear of The Elphin, 36, (now known as Binn Éadair Hall), Baldoyle Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 13

Proposed Planning Description: The development will consist of revisions to previously approved planning permission under Reg. Ref. F22A/0469 (ABP Reg. Ref. PL06F.315139) on lands located at the rear of The Elphin, 36, Baldoyle Road, Dublin 13 (now known as Binn Éadair Hall). The proposed revisions consist of amendments to approved apartments at third floor level comprising
(a) internal alterations to apartment 22 to facilitate 1 no. additional bedroom.
(b) Modifications/ extension to apartment 24 to facilitate 1 no. additional bedroom and the relocation of the living/kitchen/ dining area with balcony to south.
c) Provision of 2 no. additional bicycle parking spaces. The proposed amendments will increase apartment 22 from a one to two bedroom unit and apartment 24 from a two to three bedroom unit.

Applicant Name: LDC Developments Ltd.

Planning Reference: F23A/0677

Registration Date: 09 November 2023


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