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Last Sighting at Sutton X – “Backing Brave” Means Backing Out for AIB

The last vestige of AIB’s 40 year presence at Sutton X can now be finally revealed and the decision by the bank to close its AIB Sutton Cross branch, despite the expressed wishes of its local customers is now complete. The removal of the bank’s ATM service is the final nail in the coffin and the fact that some AIB customer cards do not work in the nearby Bank of Ireland terminal, seems of little significance to AIB’s scorched earth policy.

At a time when “backing brave” has been AIB’s mantra, it would appear that this corporate move has more to do with backing out and consigning its customers to a remote banking service and long queues at the Raheny branch, already instanced by JustLocal (News Section: AIB Raheny Launches Al Fresco Banking)


While AIB’s CEO, Colin Hunt and other top brass bankers are calling for the removal of the 500k salary cap for banking executives, it is hard to fathom how this could be given serious consideration by the Central Bank or the Government, when service consolidation and the abrupt withdrawal of local branch service seems the most imaginative play that the State owned bank can rely on.

That said, the posting by AIB to use the services of its arch rival, Bank of Ireland, looks more in keeping with a forced surrender than a planned withdrawal.

Meanwhile Bank of Ireland Sutton X still stands, open to all those looking to avail of a proper, local banking service.

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