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Now you see it………. AIB’s retreat from Sutton X leaves locals concerned

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In a sign of the times, AIB has made a hasty retreat from Sutton X and the closure of the branch has been determined without consultation with its customers or the community.

The decision to close the Sutton branch and 14 others around the country, was made back in June of this year and was based on foot of a “detailed strategic review” by AIB that examined the impact of the COVID pandemic and the increased use of online banking. For AIB customers in Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle and Bayside, their accounts have moved to the Raheny branch, with local banking now provided by An Post.

As AIB retreats from Sutton, many of the locals have been left dismayed at the sudden departure, which occured over a weekend. The AIB branch at Sutton Cross played a vital role in the community. It gave both commercial and personal support to the local area and it is regrettable that AIB would make a decision to terminate this service during a pandemic, possibly when its support is most needed. Will keep you posted @ JustLocal.

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