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Rocco Wright Takes Podium Position Despite Conditions

While the weather was ideal for the final day at the ILCA European Championships in Andora, Italy, Rocco Wright had to contend with recovering from his own medical condition and that he duly did by taking bronze. Although he was unable to defend his title won previously in November, this was still a remarkable achievement for the Howth native.

Going into the final day, he was one of the top three boats in the hunt for the title and virtually assured of a medal. However, in the end, it was Greek sailor Athanasios Kyfidis and Mattia Cesana of Italy who closed the gap on one another and it took a tie-break for the Italian to take the ILCA6 championship.

Although retaining the title might have been the dream outcome for the 16-year-old Irish sailor, finishing with a podium place just four weeks after recovering from a medical condition is surely the mark of a proud champion. Wishing him a full recovery and future success!

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