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Roebank, St. Fintan’s Road, Sutton, Dublin, D13 XY33

Proposal Description: The development will consist of: firstly, extension of an existing house to the rear of the ground floor and sides of the first floor; secondly, addition of new windows in existing walls on ground and first floors along with alteration of existing front windows and an existing canopy above the front door: thirdly, addition of a new first floor rear covered and screened external terrace and addition of a new external stairs giving access from an existing rear ground floor external terrace to a private rear garden; fourthly, replacement of existing flat roofs with sloping roofs and also replacement of existing timber external wall cladding with zinc external wall cladding; and, fifthly, addition of new solar panels to an existing array of solar panels on the main roof of the house, with all associated site works.

Applicant Name: Anthony and Janet Wright.

Planning Reference: F22A/0339

Registration Date: 05 July 2022

Application Date: 05 July 2022

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