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Sites 37-4A and 37-2, Claremont Industrial Estate, West Pier, Howth, Co. Dublin.

Planning Proposal Description:

The proposed development will consist of removal of existing boundary fencing and steel shipping containers, the construction of a two storey building of 1293 sq.m. and height of 8.125m to parapet (with plant room 2.06m high above parapet). the main use of the building will be for the processing of food (primarily fish) and its storage and distribution. It will include the following: a 74.17 sq.m factory retail outlet for the sale of seafood products produced on site, to the public; ancillary office and welfare facilities; solar panels (approx. 387 sq.m) on the roof; associated site and boundary works.

AI received 6/6/2023

Applicant Name: Kitestown Ltd.

Planning Reference: F22A/0558

Registration Date: 06 June 2023

Note: The consultation period for this application has expired.

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