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Tetrarch’s Latest Love Bomb For Howth Castle Fails To Seduce Locals

A computer-generated image of Tetrarch’s proposed residential development on a portion of lands of Howth Estate.

A Senior living community and 150 affordable homes is all part of Tetrarch’s latest effort to win the hearts of locals in Howth.

A 10-page brochure outlining Tetrarch’s latest vision for the Howth estate has been circulated in the area, with promises of reforestation, green zones, a public park and a commercial development for the 472 acre demesne.

In February a planning application focusing on the Howth Castle buildings was filed, which attracted significant community push back, notably over the inclusion of a new road.

The new outline suggests the provision of a senior living, or retirement community on one portion of one of the former golf courses, and a 6.5-acre site on the Sutton side for 150 affordable two- and three-bedroom homes, pitched at local residents with prices of less than €300,000.

The developer is now also looking to target locals over the age of 60 with the delivery of housing “for the over-65s” again targeted at locals looking for a des-res to while away their golden years.

According to local TD, Cian O’Callaghan, “The key thing is that if that [land] is rezoned – and this is in any situation – the owners of that land can sell it on to anyone else and outlines or projects that have been promised are not necessarily tied into that land,” he said. “That has certainly been the case in other places where different promises have been made to get rezoned and then these promises aren’t necessarily followed through.”

As for the approach set out to potential rezoning in the brochure, Mr O’Callaghan said Tetrarch’s “formulation of words doesn’t carry any weight… there is no zoning just for accommodation for older people or affordable [homes] only.”

This latest Tetrarch plan seems more akin to on-the-hoof planning development and any plans that do not address the impact of hundreds of homes and the potential gridlock at Sutton Cross is unlikely to be welcomed by locals. Maybe addressing the infrastructure question as part of a more plan would go some way to assuaging the concerns of locals.

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