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The Pines 19A, Greenfield Road, Sutton Cross, D13 E6E4

Proposed Planning Description: To renew previously granted Planning Permissions F17A0684 and the subsequent F22A0032 which expired in June 2023 with the following modifications. 1) to the north/front of the proposed house change the roof to an A/gable end in lieu of a hip roof as previously approved. 2) to the north/front of the proposed house increase the internal depth/length of the proposed bay/balcony from 1,895m to 3.9m and optional solar panels on the roof with the relocation of one parking space keeping a total of four parking spaces. 30 on western elevation one extra window at gfl and replace large hall stairs landing window with two smaller windows in same location and an optional attic Velux window at attic level. 4) on previously approved garage/shed to front external gutter fascia soffite in pvc with overhang in lieu of internal gutter as originally approved.

Applicant Name: James Farrelly

Planning Reference: F23A/0571

Registration Date: 20 September 2023

Due date for third party submissions: 24 October 2023

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