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The Ronnie Maher Ryder Cup – A Sporting Tribute To A Local Legend

Friday 22nd of April marked the launch of the Ronnie Maher Ryder Cup, where present Suttonians’ players took to the fairways of Sutton Golf Club to go toe to toe with the “senior tour”, made up of  the club’s former “greats” and  aficionados. In a fitting tribute to the man himself, the team sheets quickly filled, “the senior tour” took the honours on the day and the main event unfolded back in Suttonians, where a raffle, prizes galore and music topped the bill.

And while the day’s golfing exploits were poured over, the accidental fades, the hooks and “should’ve beens”, events on the course took a back seat as the assembled shared their memories on the life and times of Ronnie Maher, before full revelry, music and merriment broke out.

In short, it was a wonderful occasion, a fitting tribute to a wonderful legacy and raising €24,280 in the process for charity. Now listed officially as a bi-annual event, the bragging rights will no doubt be hotly contested and whatever about the action on the course, an evening of memories and merriment will be the ultimate hallmark of the event.

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