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Pógs All Round For Quality! Whether It’s Fine Dining or Something More Casual


Póg Howth

Stumbling out of the rain and into Póg Restaurant, Harbour Road, Howth, I found myself greeted by empty tables and folded chairs and this was just after 8pm Saturday evening.

Bemused, I was about to head for the exit when a smiling face ushered me upstairs to the restaurant and to what turned out to be maybe Howth’s best kept secret. The decor was minimalist but bright and there was more spaces than faces in the dining area but the clientele looked more intent on enjoying their food than taking pictures of it – always a good sign!

Thinking of Póg’s daytime fare, I thought this would be a café style experience and ordered a Moretti before even looking at the menu – and then the Halibut to “wash it down”. But this was no café style fare. The halibut was beautifully presented with garnishing and the presentation was worth more than the customary photo. The portions were generous, the texture of the fish firm and the garnishing gave it a unique, fresh taste.

As for the Moretti, it was definitely out of its depth as this cuisine deserved a fine wine.

So hats off to the chef and Póg Restaurant Howth, but please don’t keep this secret all to yourself, it’s an experience for all to enjoy.

The arrival of Póg is a welcome addition to the culinary landscape of Howth and with the Brass Monkey re-opening its doors, there’s more choice and more reason to enjoy a quality culinary experience.

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