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It’s Back To The Future For The Abbey Tavern

Following the recent sale of one of Dublin’s most famous venues, the passing of the baton from the Tobin family now sees the Abbey Tavern in good hands. No doubt Covid, the decline in tourist numbers and changing consumption patterns had a significant impact on trade but as the economy and tourism have all bounced back, this venerable institution is set to see a return to its heyday.

Beloved by locals, the Abbey was always Howth’s favourite haunt for a few “quiet drinks”, while the bustling stream of tourists was a reminder that this was truly hallowed ground. And the spectre of time, the scent of smouldering embers and the centuries of history were an encouragement to live for the moment and treasure its unique atmosphere.

Now owned by Daniel Givens, Paul Mulligan and Jay Egan, and under new management, it’s back to the future for the Abbey. The roster of activity has increased, live sports coverage has returned and a roll call of musical acts and comedy is coming to Howth.

And so what if the great and the good, film stars and royalty have all been through these doors? To locals, it’s just The Abbey, at the heart of Howth for centuries, literally.

So, here’s wishing the new owners every success in making their own bit of history and keeping the Abbey as well……. the Abbey………. for centuries to come!

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